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Plug&Drain Pedrollo KIT per svuotamento pronto all'uso

Emergency KIT for emptying or preventing floods PLUG & DRAIN

Discover the practical PLUG & DRAIN kit to quickly and efficiently deal with a flooding of a room.


The kit consists of:

- drainage pump ;

- PVC hose with quick coupling;

- filter cassette


With PLUG & DRAIN you have everything you need ready for use : with the drainage pump and the 15 meter PVC hose you can quickly dry up the entire flooded environment.

Furthermore, thanks to the filter cassette, you can avoid any residues hindering the water intake.



    In case of flooding of a room, place PLUG & DRAIN on the
    floor, connect the flat hose to the electric pump using the
    quick coupling, connect the plug to the mains and evacuate
    water through the hose.

    The plastic box will act as a filter, allowing suction up
    at a level of about 2 cm from the bottom.

    To continue draining the residual water as well, unhook the
    pump from the container and rest it on the floor. In
    in this way the electric pump will be able to drain the water up to
    a level just 2 mm from the bottom.

    Finally, PLUG & DRAIN can be easily placed on a shelf.
    no, to have everything you need in order and ready to use.




    Available in the models: TOP 2 FLOOR, TOP 3, RXm2, RXm 3

    ​​​​​​​ Single phase 230 V - 50 Hz

    ​​​​​​​ Thermal overload protector incorporated in the winding

    ​​​​​​​ 10 meter power cable with Schuko plug

    ​​​​​​​ External float switch

    ​​​​​​​ " STORZ " type quick coupling



    " STORZ " type quick coupling

    Hose length 12.5 m

    11⁄4 " tube diameter



    Complete with fixing system of the electric pump for stable operation and easy to release for use of the electric pump without filter box

    Complete with lid for storing PLUG & DRAIN tidy and always ready for use






    • Liquid type:  Clean water

    • Uses:  domestic

    • Uses:  drainage, drainage

    • Typology:  submarines

    • Family:  plug & drain

    • Scope of services:

    - Range up to  160 l / min (9.6 m³ / h)

    - Head up to  8 m

    • Limits of use:

    -  Liquid temperature up to +40 ° C



    A brand recognized throughout the world, it is a point of reference for the sector of electric pumps for water handling.The range is divided into drainage, submersible and surface electric pumps, covering most of the applications in the domestic, civil, agricultural and industrial fields.



    Taking into account the current uncertainties and criticalities linked to the market for raw materials and energy resources, shipments  they could suffer slowdowns determined by the current situation.

    Before proceeding with the purchase ask us for the availability of this article.


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