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PRO control panels 

discover the evolution of the PRO control panels designed and built by Elentek.

Between new expansions and functionalities, the panels are compact, easy to install and program.


Shipping in 72h on almost all products

4.5 / 5 reviews from our customers

Payment  with credit card

control panels for pumps


Discover Elentek electronic and alarm panels, a made in Italy brand recognized today at an international level.


pumps and

electric pumps


Wide range of pumps and electric pumps branded Pedrollo, Rover Pompe, DAB suitable for every need.



Clamps, spring pins, pins, handles, level relays, timers, metal cases

and much more.


...and so much more


Discover all Supran products: CGM generators and inverters, electric pumps for swimming pools, storage stations, etc.

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