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Caricabatteria per modelli Worksite LED BATTERY Italtower

Battery charger for Worksite LED battery models

SKU: BB_002

Discover the range of accessories for construction site lights.

From the support pole to hook all Worksite LED models to batteries and battery charger to work in complete autonomy.


    GAL 18V-40 PROFESSIONAL battery chargers are designed for quick recharges.

    Compatible with Bosch 18V 2Ah battery for Worksite LED Battery construction site lights:

    Worksite LED S - 20 W battery-powered construction site lights

    Worksite LED M - 32 W battery-powered construction site lights

    Worksite LED L - 50 W battery-powered construction site lights



    The 18 V battery charger features great compactness and optimized charging speed for compact 18 V batteries.




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