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Elettropompa sommergibile da drenaggio monofase VXm-ST

Submersible drainage pump VXm-ST

The submersible electric pumps of the VXm-ST series are suitable for the treatment of sewage, coming for example from basements, underground car parks, drains or cesspools.

The VXm-ST pumps stand out for their reliability, especially in fixed installations with automatic operation.


    • Phase:  SINGLE PHASE

    • Liquid type:  Filthy water

    • Uses:  domestic, civil, industrial

    • Uses:  slightly dirty water handling, drainage

    • Typology:  submarines

    • Family:  submarines



      Range up to  650 l / min (39.0 m³ / h)

      Head up to  15 m


      CABLE kW HP
    VXm 8/35-ST 10 mt 0.55 0.75
    VXm 10/35-ST 10 mt 0.75 1
    VXm 15/35-ST 10 mt 1.1 1.5






      Liquid temperature  up to +40 ° C

      Depth of use below the water level:  up to 5  m 

      Passage of suspended solid bodies  up to Ø 40 mm  

      For continuous service minimum immersion :  280 mm 



    A brand recognized throughout the world, it is a point of reference for the sector of electric pumps for water handling.The range is divided into drainage, submersible and surface electric pumps, covering most of the applications in the domestic, civil, agricultural and industrial fields.




    Taking into account the current uncertainties and criticalities linked to the market for raw materials and energy resources, shipments  they could suffer slowdowns determined by the current situation.

    Before proceeding with the purchase ask us for the availability of this article.



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