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Filtro per vino Rover Colombo 12

Wine filter Rover Pompe COLOMBO 12

SKU: 570000

The Colombo 12 filter consists of an electric pump and a filtering system called a liquid system with pressed layers. This type of filtering allows to obtain excellent levels of beverage purification without altering the fundamental characteristics of the decanted liquid.

Ideal for domestic or professional filtering , where it is necessary to filter a drink to be served or bottled, without residues and perfectly clear.


    It does not require any particular maintenance other than normal cleaning.

    Filtering is the last step in wine production and requires the knowledge of some fundamental precautions.

    A young wine (30 days) is not ready for a fine filtering.

    • Indications for achieving good filtering with the Colombo filter:

    1. For best results, wine should be aged for at least two to three months and brought to room temperature before filtering.

    • During this time the wine takes shape and allows the greatest quantity of suspended parts to settle.

    • Now use the Colombo filter  for finishing wine.

    • If you want a superior finish, use the rinse aid filters.

    • Remember to wait between two and four days between one filter and the next.

    2. If, on the other hand, you want to filter a young wine (30 days), you must always use a roughing filter first.

    •  A finishing filter can be used immediately afterwards.

    •  During filtering, the young wine is made agitated by the presence of CO2 (carbon dioxide) created during fermentation.

    • Wait a few hours before bottling the wine.



    It is possible to use the pump for decanting  any type of commonly used clean liquid , which must not be chemically aggressive or abrasive.

    For example:

    • Water ;

    • Wine ;

    • Milk;

    • Vinegar;

    • Beers ;

    • Pharmaceutical solutions ;

    • Perfumes .



    Not suitable for transferring liquids other than those listed.



    Normal maintenance requires a few simple interventions, as if it were a normal household appliance.

    After use, clean water must be poured to rinse the internal surfaces of the pump.

    The electric motor does not require maintenance, there are no parts to lubricate.

    The cleaning of the external parts must be done with a slightly damp sponge, and then immediately dry with a cloth.



      20x20 cartons

    Fittings with a diameter of ⌀ 20 mm
      Range 240-1680  liters / min
      0.5 electric motor  HP
      Pump body in bronze
      Dimensions 430 x 280 h 270 mm

    Weight 16 Kg



    The company philosophy is characterized by the commitment to always guarantee the highest quality and the compliance of each product with the specific requests. The transfer pumps are used in the fields of ENOLOGY (wine and beverages), AGRICULTURE (small irrigation and fertilizers, diesel), GARDENING (water), INDUSTRY (water, oil, detergents).



    Taking into account the current uncertainties and criticalities linked to the market for raw materials and energy resources, shipments  they could suffer slowdowns determined by the current situation.

    Before proceeding with the purchase ask us for the availability of this article.

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