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Quadro elettrico di comando e protezione SUPRAN CONTROL PUMP

SUPRAN CONTROL PUMP Electric control panel for a single-phase electric pump

CONTROL PUMP is a panel made for the control and protection of a SINGLE-PHASE ELECTRIC PUMP. It is supplied with an electronic card that simplifies and optimizes its operation, allowing flexibility of use for different pump powers with the same panel.


    The regulation capacity of the protection current increases the range of use and therefore, with a single model, the entire current range is covered from 2 A up to 16 A, therefore suitable for pumps up to 2.2 kw.
    Integrated to the electronic board, there is an excellent level control for the protection of the pump against dry running, which can make the electric pump work both in case of emptying (pump well, submersible pump on sump) and in case of filling (e.g. filling a tank).

    CONTROL PUMP is able to control single-phase pumps thanks to a power relay installed directly in the electronics.
    A particular electronic control system is able to instantly safeguard and protect the electric pump from any overcurrent.



    • Power supply 1 ~ 50 / 60Hz 230V ± 10%;

    • G1 / P1 input normally open for command of start;

    • 3 inputs for single-pole level probes (COM-MIN-MAX);

    AUTOMATIC-0-MANUAL buttons (unstable);

    DIP-SWITCH selector for probe operation in filling / emptying;

    DIP-SWITCH selector

    - for level alarm exclusion;

    - by exclusion of amperometric protection;

    • Green LED :

    - network presence;

    - automatic inserted;

    - active engine;

    • Red LED :

    - level alarm;

    - motor overload alarm;

    • Adjustable electronic control for motor overload;

    Overcurrent protection trip (after 5 seconds);

    Sensor sensitivity adjustment;

    Auxiliary and motor protection with fuses;

    • Alarm output (COM-NO-NC resistive load - 5A / 250V);

    Predisposition for running capacitor (not included);

    • ABS box, IP55;

    Ambient temperature: -5 / + 40 ° C;

    Relative humidity 50% at 40 ° C (not condensed).

    • Box dimensions: H 200 / L 240 / W 120

    • Weight: 12 Kg



    CONTROL PUMPV ~KW MaxHP MaxRange AMax A 1-mono 1 ~ 230 2.2 3 2-16 16





    Supran was founded in 2003 as an e-commerce site dedicated to the retail sale of electrical control and pump protection panels. Over the years it has expanded its offer catalog by collaborating with established companies in the sector and proposing new products and enriching the articles already present with new information and contents.

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