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Scheda di ricambio per quadri elettrici Elentek

Spare boards for DRYTEK PRO

Spare electronic boards for DRYTEK PRO electrical panels

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 1 Mono 230V  

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 1 Tri 400V 7.5KW 

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 1 Tri 400V 11KW

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 2 Mono 230V 

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 2 Tri 400V 7.5KW

• SP / DRYTEK PRO 2 Tri 400V 11KW


    Born from twenty years of experience in the electronics sector, ELENTEK is now present in the national and international market with products exclusively Made in Italy. The company studies, designs and manufactures electrical panels for the management of electric pumps and motors suitable for any type of application.


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